RSR024 – Random Soul – “Mysterious”

Welcome to the debut single from Random Soul’s long awaited album, “LIVE FOR THE MOMENT”. “MYSTERIOUS” is a funky, soulful bomb that just has to be in the wallet of any DJ/fan that calls themselves a funky house lover. It’s captivating vocals from YOGI, 70’s synth & rhodes work, funk guitar and live bass from NICK NORTON just puts this track in a league of its own.

On the remix is the soulful master himself, RICHARD EARNSHAW. At the top of the soulful house scene for over a decade, it’s easy to see why. Richard offers a clever batch of hybrid remixes, combining his soulful roots and his deeper side with some “SPIRITCHASER” vibes poking through. “YOGI & HUSKY” then take a turn and get bouncy-ass and all dance floor on their sound. Their mix takes a deeper, bass heavy approach to Mysterious.

Available at RSR Store